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Updated : 3rd March 2021

My main Website is now

Welcome to Lavender Chinchilla's

My name is Laura and I am a small hobby breeder of Royal Persian Angora Chinchilla's based in the North East of England.

The name Lavender Chinchilla's is not because the chinchillas are Lavender colour but because I am also a hobby breeder of rabbits and my Stud name is Lavender Stud.


I have only been keeping and breeding chinchillas for a few years but I am always happy to give honest advise to potential new chinchilla owners. On average these wonderful animals live 8 - 12 years ( but can live 20+ years), so it is important before making a decision to ensure they are the right pet for you.

This website is not aimed at established knowledgeable breeders, but to those who are relatively new to chinchilla keeping and breeding (although you never stop learning). It gives information on what you need to know and consider before taking on the responsibility of these wonderful animals.

I would ask anyone considering purchasing a chinchilla to carefully read the "Chinchilla Basics" section. I frequently find there is much misinformation about their dietary and housing needs even with existing owners. I want any chinchilla I am re-homing to go to a permanent loving home that understand its requirements.

All my chinchillas are my pets. I do not breed for commercial reasons (I spend far more than I ever get from selling animals!). All those I keep have names and have toys etc .. I do not breed polygamously but either in pairs or trios. That way when the females are "resting" between breeding, they have each other as company - chinchillas are very sociable creatures and enjoy being with each other. This also means that when the females are retired from breeding, they can spend the rest of their natural days happily living together in a group.

Whilst I understand most pet owners want young kits (please note I wont home any under 10 weeks and only then if they are of an adequate weight to leave); in the belief that they can "mould" the personality of the animal, this is in fact not the case. Chinchillas, like any other animal, have their own unique personality. I find that if they are calm, cuddly etc. as a young adult (around 6/7 months old) then they are very likely to remain like that, so often an older animal is a better option.


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