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Frequently Asked Questions ( FAQs)

  1. Are Chinchillas suitable for children's pets?
    As Chinchillas bones are very fragile and as chinchillas are very fast I do not recommend them as pets for children under 10yrs and even then only under adult supervision.


  2. Are your chinchillas hand tame and cuddly?
    Although I handle my chinchillas from birth as a whole they are not 'pick up and cuddle' pets, they prefer being in their cages.


  3. Do chinchillas need exercise in a run like rabbits/guinea pigs?
    Having too much exercise can make a chinchilla overheat and poorly so time out of the cage should be limited to a minimum

  4. How long do chinchillas live ? 
    8-12 years is average but can live to 20+ years


  5. Can chinchillas eat fruit and veg ?
    No ! All fruit/veg/nuts/seeds should be avoided

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