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As a small Hobby Breeder I occasionally have Chinchillas available for sale. I will have both Angora and Angora Carriers available
(although it is likely I will have more Carriers available)

Due to the long pregnancies and not knowing if the Chinchillas are pregnant until later in pregnancy I wont know when I have babies due so I will announce my births on here when I do have litters.

I will put babies up for reserve when they are 4-6 weeks old and I know they are weaning ok but none will leave until at least 10-12 weeks depending on their weights.

I will occasionally have older Chinchillas available too.

I operate a 'Closed Herd' Policy. As my chinchillas live in my house in our bedrooms and spare room I don't allow people into my house, instead I will send photos and videos of the available chinchillas for you to view and reserve them. The handover will be done in my Garage. This is for the safety of my family but also for my herd to prevent unknown viruses and illnesses being brought into my Herd.

Please be aware that as RPA's and their Carriers are not regular Chinchillas they are not 'cheap' to buy so if your looking for a cheap pet then I wont have anything available for you 

For those wishing to buy from me who are not able to collect in person, I work with a specialist Animal Transporter called Pet Taxi UK and they are the only company I allow to transport my animals, if you ask me to accept another transporter/courier the answer will be no. 

For Sale

I don't have any currently for sale. I have litters due but don't know dates at present

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